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Kunena Forum Styling is included in the Aqua3 template: the main template contains CSS styling to make the Kunena forum component fit into the site design colors. With the added style elements you can further style the forum component to your liking.

Kunena settings

Inside the Kunena component you should:

  • choose the default "Blue Eagle 2.0" Kunena template
  • select "blend with site template"
  • choose the "Greybird" buttons style

The rest is taken care of by the Aqua3 template.

Since the forum is quite wide, it is best to publish it with no side columns on forum pages (unpublish side module positions, set this in the dedicated Kunena Menu module).
While the Kunena forum "Blue Eagle 2.0" template is mostly fluid, it renders best above 600px device widths.

You can see what it looks like by clicking the link below:

Home >> Additional Components >> Kunena Forum

This demosite has the Kunena Forum installed but not open for public use. But at least the initial page will give you an idea of the looks. See the screenprint below for a view when logged on.

Remark for Kunena with IE8:
Kunena 1.7 and 2.x do not support IE8 anymore (according to their support forum). There are therefore some issues with editor buttons and with the pathway in Kunena with IE8, but they stem from the Kunena code and not from the Aqua3 template.

Kunena and MooTools:

In the Aqua3 template parameters you can disable MooTools from loading and thus lighten page loads considerably. A number of Kunena's features depend on Javascript however:

  • Message editing
    • Insert Smileys into messages
    • BBcode toolbar
    • Enlarge/Shrink message editing area
  • Quick Reply Button
  • User profile tabs
    • Who has thanked the user for their contributions; whom the user has thanked
    • Ban control
    • Personal preferences
  • Image view lightbox effect
  • Collapse/Expand buttons


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