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With the release of version 3.1 Joomla now has is a Tagging system, which is dynamic and works across content-types. This means that tagging (attaching labels to things on your website, like the tag "tags" above this article) is not limited to articles anymore, but can be used  in contacts, feeds, weblinks, etc. Thus Tags allow you to create lists, blogs, or other layouts that combine articles with other content types any way you like. You can dynamically create the tags from the content as well, without having to specifically navigate to the Tags component first.

Tags in Jooma 3.1

  • Tags can be used to group, organize and display website items independently from categories or component limitations.
  • Adding a new tag is quite easy and similar to adding a new article. Just go to Tags component, then click on New, and fill in the information within the tabs. Or dynamically add the tag from the piece you are working on by just typing it in and hitting Enter. It will be automatically added to the Tags component.
  • One of the great features about the Tags implementation is that tags can be nested. One Tag can have a single parent tag and multiple child tags. This allows you to organize tags better and also to display a large number of related tags easier.
  • Each tag can also be associated with an image (full image), as well as with a teaser image.
  • Each component can tag (if the option is added by the developer).
  • You can display the tags via menu items. Once you've selected a menu item type, you can select any tag from the Tag drop-down box. Each selected tag is then aggregated within the field and can be deselected by clicking the x next to it.
  • If you just want to display the tags that contain all the items, you can use the Menu Items options and Match Type by All. There are also a number of other advanced options.

Tags Menu Items

There are three layouts under Tags when you create a Menu Item:

  • Tagged Items - Links to a list of items with specific tags (Blog Style).
  • Compact List of Tagged Items - Links to a compact list of items with specific tags (List).
  • List of All Tags - Links to a detailed list of all tags (List, Blog style if desired).

How to use the Tag Menu lists:

  1. Select one of the Menu Options
  2. Select one or more tags to be used
  3. Select Type.
    Type field allows you to narrow down the selection made and select only the components types that you would like to display (which contain the selected tags).
    You can of course select as many or as few as you want
    The options are:
        • Article
        • Article Category
        • Contact
        • Content Category
        • Newsfeed
        • Newsfeed Category
        • User
        • Tag
        • Weblink
        • Weblinks Category

Tags modules

In addition to the available Menu Items there are 2 tags modules, which can be viewed from the Modules Layouts menu:

  • Popular Tags
    The Popular Tags module displays the most commonly used tags, optionally within specific time periods.
  • Similar Tags
    The Similar Tags module displays links to other items with similar tags. The closeness of the match can be specified.

Additional features

The Tags feature has the main component and also a Smart Search plugin for Tags (enable in Extensions >> Plug-in Manager)

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