Light Responsive Template for Joomla 3.x

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Standard Joomla Footer

The standard Joomla Footer module shows the site copyright information in the footer.
The standard Joomla footer module also contains links in the second line to, which is bad for your site SEO. You can prevent it from displaying through CSS styling, but the code will still be in the source, which is NOT good.

Best is to either:

  • Simply disable the footer module if you do not want to show anything in your site footer. You can disable the standard footer module with a click.
  • Then either use an external footer module or create a custom HTML module with the text you need and assign it to the footer position.

Aqua3 Template Footer

The Aqua3 template has the copyright information (as seen at the bottom of the template) set in the index.php file of the template, you can change the entry there to your liking.

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