Light Responsive Template for Joomla 3.x

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This module displays a banner or banners from a category in the Banners component.

Banners module above or below the content page (above and below):

  • Create a "Banners" module, named e.g. banner-top or banner-bottom
  • Set the module position to banner-top or to banner-bottom
  • Do not set a module suffix

Banners module in a side column:

  • Create a "Banners - Sidebar" module, named e.g. banners-sidebar
  • Set the module position to "side"
  • No module suffix needed
  • Result is visible on the right
  • Remark: side banners are set to take 100% of sidebar width in the css

Banners module in an article (below in the article):

  • Create a "Banners - in Content" module, named e.g. banners-in-content
  • Set the module position to banners-in-content (just type it in)
  • No module suffix needed
  • Result is visible below
Banners module inside an article:

The optimal reading line length equals 12 to 20 words. Alternatively, ideal readability is achieved by having 65 to 70 characters per line, that is including the spaces. Studies show that moderate line lengths significantly increase the legibility of text.

this is an advertisement
horizontal banner
this is an advertisement

It is a good idea to aim for a line length that approaches this number of characters, as it will ensure that your readers do not leave the site prematurely because of reading fatigue.

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