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JCE is a fantastic enhanced editor for Joomla, with many great options (like handy image and media management, among others).

Download JCE:

JCE Media Box plugin

The JCE Media Box plugin lets you open images etc. in a lightbox. The best way to get beautiful image popups, right there within your editor. No extra javascript or plugins, complicated code or whatever.

Create an image Popup

This tutorial requires the Image Manager and Link plugins. The entire process is simplified when using the Image Manager Extended, a subscription plugin

An image popup is typically launched from a thumbnail, or smaller version of the target image, but can also be launched from a text link. If you are using a text link, skip to step 2.

Open the Image Manager and insert an image to be used as the thumbnail image.

Select the image, or text, and open the Link dialog. Enter the relative path (the path without your site address) into the URL field. You can also use the File Browserto find the image.


Click on the Popups tab and select JCE MediaBox Popups from the Popup Typelist


To add a title and/or caption to the popup, enter text in the Title and Caption fields.


To create a gallery of images in the popup, assign each popup link to the same 'group' by giving each link the Groupvalue.


Set any other parameters needed for the popup.

  1. Popup Icon - Display a popup icon on the target image or text.
  2. Icon Position - Set the position of the popup icon.
  3. Dimensions - Set the width and height of the popup
  4. Autopopup - Set whether the popup should open automatically when the page loads*. You will need to assign a unique ID to the link in the Advanced Tab.
  5. Hide Popup Link - Hides the popup link and child elements. Useful when creating image galleries launched from a single link.
  6. Media Type - Select Popup Media Type. This is crucial in determining how the popup will load. Some formats such as images and social media like Youtube and Vimeo etc. can be detected from the popup url by JCE MediaBox
  7. Parameters - Set additonal parameters.

Click Insert.

* A browser cookie is used to store the autopopup state - whether it has been opened already - when using Autopopup Single.
Example HTML created by these steps :
<a href="/images/Desert.jpg" class="jcepopup" rel="title[Desert];caption[Picture of a desert];group[nature]"><img src="/images/thumbnails/Desert_thumb.jpg" width="150" height="90" alt="Desert" /></a>

Simple gallery using a table and 2 grouped images

JCE MediaBox is an optional plugin for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5 which creates customizable content popups in a manner similar to the popular Lightbox and Slimbox scripts, as well as providing tooltips.

JCE MediaBox popups and tooltips are themeable and include 4 themes; Standard, Light, Shadow and Squeeze.

JCE MediaBox does not add a button to the editor toolbar. JCE plugins are used to create JCE MediaBox popups, but JCE MediaBox can be used without the JCE Editor.

Unlike Lightbox and Slimbox, JCE MediaBox can create popups to almost any type of media item, from images to flashquicktime, windows media files, as well as support for YoutubeGoolge VideoMetaCafeDaily Motion, and Vimeo media links (additional types supported with add-ons), and internal and external website pages.

A full range of tutorials on creating popups for each media type is available here

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