Light Responsive Template for Joomla 3.x

Layout Flexibility

Overview page with all available Module Positions.

Rich Typography for Easy Styling

Editor stylesheet for easy styling of content: Typography Styles.

Responsive design

Check how the template design adapts to various devices by resizing your browser width or by zooming the page.

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Four-level dropdown menu (no javascript or images used) on wider screens (900px width and above).

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Aqua3 is a 3-2-1 column, HTML5 & CSS3 responsive template for Joomla 3.x, mobile-first approach, light and fast, ready for high resolution screens.
The aim of Aqua3 is to provide a fast-loading responsive template which will look good on mobile, tablet, desktop and high-resolution screens and which will also provide a reasonable amount of eye-candy. Easy-to-use layout options and pre-defined editor styles make consistent styling of your content a breeze.

The Joomla 3.x version is bootstrap compatible (components that use the Bootstrap framework and css will not break) and even has some bootstrap styles added to the editor for easy style insertion.

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A full overview of all this template has to offer cand be found here:
Aqua3 Description and Features.

On this demo site you will find articles explaining the template structure and of course how to configure the Joomla modules for it.

Top Menu and Left Menu - to test all Joomla items

In the configuration options of each Joomla Menu Item you can choose to either show or hide all kinds of details, like Page Headers, Article Details, Article Rating, icons for print and email, previous-next buttons, etc.

To demonstrate this some items will show with minimal details (mostly Test Menu on the left), others will show all possible details and buttons (mostly Top Menu).

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