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Menu Items selections available under System Links:

The Text Separator is styled in the template under span.separator.

Explanation Menu Item Alias

Sometimes you want to create more than one link to a given item. Let's say you have an article that you want to show up as sub-navigation under Item A and under Item B on your menu.

In the old days you would create two identical articles, linking one to Item A and the other to Item B. Which meant when the page's content changed, you had to change it in two places.

You could also create two links, one from Menu Item A and the other from Menu Item B, to the same piece of content. But now you have two different URLs for the same page. That can lose you points in search engines.

The Menu Item Alias solves both problems:

  1. Create the original menu link to a piece of content as you normally would.
  2. When you're ready to create the alias, click the New button in the Menu Manager for the menu of your choice. The next screen shows a list of options (like link to article, category blog, wrapper, login, etc). The very last item on this screen is the alias option. Choose that.
  3. Enter a title for the link (i.e. the clickable text that appears on screen). Choose the page to which you wish to direct this link from the drop down on the right. Note that the alias field here is used in SEF URLs (search engine friendly URLs) if they are enabled.
  4. Save. Now when you click your new link, you are "redirected" to the original location of this page. There's just one link for the page itself, one set of content to manage.

The Menu Item Alias is a second link to an already configured Menu Item elsewhere. That means it will have the same article options as the original, so you cannot change what details display or not. If you want to set different display option, you will still need to create a second separate item.

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