Light Responsive Template for Joomla 3.x

While a Joomla website is offline it might be nice to customize the default offline page to include a company logo and custom message.
The file templates/system/offline.php contains the markup that will be displayed when a Joomla site is offline.

If there is a file named offline.php in your template folder it will override the default offline file templates/system/offline.php.

Copy templates/system/offline.php to your template folder:


Then customize the copied file.

The offline message can be changed in Site > Global Configuration.

Custom Offline Image

Near the top of offline.php there is this code:

<img src="/images/joomla_logo_black.jpg" alt="Joomla! Logo" align="middle" />

This could be edited to something like:
<img src="/templates/template-name/images/your-image.jpg" alt="Your Alt Text" align="middle" />

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