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Various types of Archived Articles Layout:

Archiving articles stores them on your Joomla site for history's sake, but makes them less visible to your site’s visitors as they will no longer be displayed along with the rest of your site’s content. Once archived, the articles can only be viewed via your Joomla site’s Archived Articles Menu Item, the Archived Articles module, or by searching for the article by name using Joomla’s built-in content filtering features.

You can archive articles easily in Article Manager. (To open Article Manager, click the Article Manager icon in the Administration control panel or choose Content > Article Manager).

Archive articles in Joomla

To archive articles, follow these steps:

  1. Select the articles you want to archive by checking the check boxes at the beginning of their rows.

  2. Click the Archive button.

  3. Click the State filter box at the top of the page, and change the state to Archived.

    The articles appear in Article Manager with the Archive icon after their names.

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